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Kura Kura

Curated Surf Experiences in Lombok - Come Catch Some Waves with Us! 

The Kura Kura Experience

We enjoy fun surf adventures  with a  focus on progressive learning. Beyond surfing classic Indo perfection, come explore the tropical island of Lombok and immerse yourself in the rich Indonesian culture with our fun-loving crew. Take a look at our packages, meet our team and book your getaway today!


Memorable Surf Adventures Start Here!

Sun, Surf and Coconuts. The best wave of your life is still out there. And we're going to help you catch it! 


Sunrise sessions you'll never forget. Sunset vibes on the water with new and old friends! Hammock naps on the beach and the freshest coconuts you can imagine. 


How long do you want this to last? With our customized packages, the option is up to you. Ride the wave as long as you want!



We have sourced design inspiration from our travels around the globe to provide you with the ultimate in our subtle, yet stylish, bungalow accommodations.


Our well manicured grounds include 8 double occupancy bungalows, lush gardens, a pool area, restaurant/bar, and communal lounge space. 


South Lombok
Surf Spots

You know those perfect peeling waves you see all over YouTube, Instagram and a number of surf publications? Yeah. It's kind of like that.


With waves 365 days a year on a wide range of break types, we organize surf adventures to your wants and abilities.





People Love Us - And You Will Too!

Don’t know where to start. As soon as you come to the camp you are treated like a family member. Everyone is really nice and helpful whenever you need something. If you are looking for improving surf skills, this is definitely the place to go!


They make sure to offer the best surf guiding/teaching by keeping the Groups small and finding the best surf spot for your surf level. The guides are really motivating and they make sure you are having a lot of fun.


Depending on the conditions they try to offer 2 surf sessions per day. I stayed there 5 weeks in total and had only 3 days where we could just go surfing 1 session caused by bad wave conditions.

The trips to watch the Sunsets or visit Waterfalls organised by Matt (The Manager) make sure you’re also having a great time after the surf :) It’s just a wonderful surf camp with wonderful people on an incredible Beautiful island.