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How has Kuta Lombok been during Corona times?

In all honesty, life has been quite normal here since June.  People go to the market, shops, restaurants, beaches, mosques, bars. Often we forget that there is a pandemic and many people on the others who does not have such privileges. From what we've seen with our own eyes, there has not been an increased number of people around us  getting sick. Keeping in mind that Kuta is a rural area and generally not as densely populated as a city like Mataram, where social distancing protocols and mask wearing is much stricter. The official confirmed cases for Nusa Tenggara Barat Province (Lombok & Sumbawa) takes up only 1% of the entire nation. 

That being said, many hotels 


Special Corona Deals

Stuck in Indonesia?

For travelers who're stuck in paradise, or expats living in Indonesia. Now's the chance to learn/improve your surf in uncrowded waves!

Daily Classes: 300,000IDR

10 Class Pass: 2,500,000IDR

Every surf session includes:

  • Transportation

  • Surfboards and gears

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Surf photos

  • Picture reviews by our ISA certified Surf Coach

Terms & Conditions

  • Be on time

  • Classes arranged on WhatsApp Group

  • Class pass is valid for 1 month

  • Minimum 2 guests for lessons to go on


Can't wait to travel?

Warm tropical sun, soft sand on your feet, the sound of waves, a good surf with fun people. We know you're craving for it! Book a voucher now and have something nice to look forward to. 

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Free Kura Kura Poncho

  • All bookings must be made by 1 December 2020.

  • Surf voucher can be purchased and redeemed anytime for as long as we are operating. 

  • Perfect for gifting to friends and family. 

  • A free poncho for every guests, the best thing to wear after surf! As long as the stock lasts. 

  • Not applicable with other surf vouchers