What is the general age group of the guests?

There is no major age group that we receive, it varies from week to week. Some weeks there are couples in their 20's along with guests in their late 40's. We never know till we meet them. Our oldest guest was 64 at the time and our youngest ever was 14.

Can I stay at the homestay without joining the camp?

Yes, this is possible whenever the camp is not fully booked. Try checking out Palm Green Homestay on Booking.com.

I'm travelling from the Gilis/Bali, can you pick us up from the harbour?

Sorry, unfortunately not, we only provide free airport pickup. Check out our Getting To Lombok page to learn more.

I don't need airport pickup, can I trade it for airport transfer when I leave?

Sorry! We provide only airport pickup. However, it is extremely easy to arrange your airport transfer once you're here. We are only 20 minutes away from the airport, and it won't cost too much.

Is there any difference in excursions within the 5 Nights & 7 Nights package?

This is a tricky question. Every week the swell and tides are different,so we don't have a fixed schedule and like to move day by day. Priority always goes to surfing. It depends on the group of that week, most don't mind skipping some excursions as they want to focus on surfing. One yoga class at Mana Yoga, you can do it at anytime before or after surf. Any evening with good weather, we'll take you to watch the sunset. When surf conditions are bad, and the whole group agrees to go explore, we'll arrange a waterfall trip. Same goes to bat cave.

Do you have wifi?

The homestay has wifi but it is not the most reliable, welcome to Lombok. If you need a reliable connection, we recommend getting a local sim card about 100,000IDR with data packages, this way you will have internet on your phone and you can connect your computer via hotspot from the phone. Or else, just have a week of digital detox!

How close are we to town?

We are 2 minutes scooter ride to town, 15-20 minutes if you walk. Most people rent a scooter/motorbike here because it's just so convenient. Food, bar, beach, exploring. If you've never ridden a scooter before, maybe this is your chance to give it a go! Or just hope there's a passenger seat available. Just remember to drive on the left.

Why do the cats here have no tails?

It's genetic, they're born that way. Nobody would have the time to cut all the cats tails in Kuta!

Surf Camp

Why do I have to arrive on a Saturday?

The camp refreshes every Saturday to keep guests flow organised. This way, we can keep up on the progress of the group each week. Especially for beginners, there's a theoretical class and easy surf on the first two days, so you'll miss that if arrive on a different day. We'd really appreciate if you could make the effort of arriving on a Saturday. However, if you're an intermediate surfer who would like to stay for longer than a week, arriving on other days might be possible, in this case send us an email to ask for availability.

What time should I arrive on Saturday?

You can arrive at anytime, though preferably around noon. No surfing on Saturday, as it's a day where guests check in and out. It all depends of your flight schedule and your own convenience.

How is a typical day at Kura Kura Surf Camp ?

At Kura Kura, we don't have a planning for each week. We like to go day by day, every evening we check the swell and conditions, then let you know what time to surf the next day. Typically, you'll wake up, breakfast, surf, have lunch and then surf again. We try to surf twice a day, although this really depends on the conditions. Usually you leave the camp in the morning, surf twice and come back in the afternoon. Surfing always gets priority. In between or after surf trips, we slot in some small excursions like sunset viewing, feed the monkeys, visit a shaping bay, or yoga etc. Usually the day with the worst conditions or when guests needs a break, we take a trip to the waterfalls.

I am a beginner, how does it work?

On Sunday morning, you'll have a theoretical class before heading out to the beach. You'll learn about the basics, safety and how to handle your surfboard. Then, upon arrival at Selong Belanak Beach, you'll practice pop up a few times on the sand before going in the water. You may be pushed into waves at first by our surf guides, this helps you to get the feel of being on the wave, but don't make it a habit. Slowly start to try on your own, learn to read the waves and be in the correct position. Step by step, you'll move on to surfing green waves. By day 3 or 4, you'll join the intermediate surfers on reef breaks. Before this, we'll tell you about RIP currents, channels, surf etiquettes and how it is different from surfing the beach break. We will take pictures on your first or second day, after surf, we will have a photo review and give you feedback on how to improve. There is also a surfing manual booklet in your room, which you may find helpful.

I'm an intermediate, how does it work?

We consider intermediates as people who can take green waves on their own, rather comfortable in the water and know how to handle themselves in the line up. You'll head straight to the reef breaks from day one, as there are no intermediate beach breaks around. Don't be intimidated by the term reef breaks, Lombok waves tend to be mellow and we always try to go on a higher tide so it's safer for you. In the line up, stay close to our guides as they will take you to the right spots. They can be shy in the beginning, so don't be afraid to ask them questions or feedback. We will take pictures on one of the days, then have at least one photo review session. We'll give you some tips and tricks on how to improve your technique. You're welcome to bring your board. If not, we have small selection of surfboards. If there is nothing to your liking, we'll go in town and rent one.

Are surfboards included in the package?

When you sign up for the camp, surfboards are provided. For beginners you'll start with a soft top, then as you advance, we may switch to a more challenging board for you. For intermediate surfers, we have a small surfboard collection, if there's none of your liking or that suits you, we'll rent one from in town. Of course, board rentals are on us. You are welcome to bring your own board, however there will be no discount on the packages.

How many times do we surf a day?

We try to surf twice a day, each session around 1,5 - 2 hours. Always depending on weather and wave conditions

Can I have my private instructor? 1-1 lesson during camp?

Sorry but unfortunately not! The idea of a camp goes against one-to-one lessons. We have 6 instructors, with 5 of them working each day. Generally we expect around 6-10 guests a week. If you want private lessons or expect to be pushed every wave, we suggest to look for a private instructor or a personal surf coach. There's plenty of good local surf shops in town who probably can provide what you're looking for.

We are a couple / group with different surf levels. How does this work?

When we have different level surfers, we split into 2 teams. Beginners will start on the beach break for at least 2 days, intermediate surfers will start surfing on reef breaks from day one. Normally by day three, beginners will be introduced into surfing reef breaks.

I'm an advanced surfer, how does it work?

Chances are you've probably surfed for years, and love a good, challenging wave. You're looking for the best waves to surf in Lombok, now let us do the work for you and show you where they are. We will take some pictures along the week and try to give you some tips even though you might shred harder then us.

I only have a few days in Lombok, do you offer daily surf lessons / customize packages?

Sorry! We only provide weekly all-inclusive surf packages. Not to worry, there are plenty of options in town that might just suit you better! Check out Sasak Soul Surf Camp, a locally owned surf camp that offers customize surf packages. Or, get lessons/guiding from a local surf school like Monkey Surf Shop and School. This way you can choose where you stay and how long you'll surf. You can also get a local guide. Our friend Roy is a really good surfer and great at what he does. You can contact him via Messenger on his Facebook page or +6282339484948 on Whatsapp. Regardless of who you surf with, we hope you enjoy your time in Lombok!

Prices & Payments

Any hidden fees?

The only thing we would say are the entrance fees to waterfalls and bat cave, if we do go to these places. Waterfalls trip to Benang Stokel are around 100,000IDR/person, while bat cave are 30,000IDR/person. These small fees help support the local guides who show you the surrounding. Keep in mind that lunch and dinner is not provided, so keep aside some money for that. Other than that, no extra payment.

Are the prices shown for shared or private rooms?

All the prices shown are fixed price at individual package. It is your choice to share the room with your travel companion or have it all to yourself.

Can I get a discount because I'm sharing the room with a companion / because I'm travelling solo?

All packages are fixed price for one person. At Palm Green Homestay, each bungalow has only one queen bed. If you get a discount because you're sharing the room, then it is not fair to the solo traveler who's paying a full price. Since there is only one bed, we cannot provide a 'share room' option for solo travelers. If you get a discount because you are a solo traveler, then it is not fair for all the others who pays the full price. We try our best to keep the surf camp affordable without compromise. Thanks for being understanding and your support!

Why do I have to pay the full price before arriving? Can I pay a deposit only?

We used to reserve the spots for guests without payment, but had experienced many last minute change of mind which left us empty-handed. Since then, we decided that we would only confirm booking once full payment is done, with a cancellation policy. Why we don't take deposits only, is the same story. People can easily change their minds and not show up, leaving us with an empty week. Meanwhile, the cancellation policy allows you to get a full refund or partial refund, depending on when you change your mind. This gives us more security in terms of guests arrival.

What is our bank?

We use TransferWise Borderless Account. This account gives us bank details from EU, UK, US,NZ & AUS. This should mean that if you are from these regions, you are able to make a bank transfer payment for free. For guests who are not from the 4 regions mentioned above, you are still able to make a free international transfer by using a link provided by us. Don't worry, all the details will be included in the confirmation email once you fill in the registration form.

How do I pay?

Payment is done via bank transfer. We have EU, UK, US, AUS & INDO bank details, which will be sent to you once filled in the registration form. If you are travelling and bank transfer can't be done, we'll try to find an alternative for you. First fill in the registration form, then we'll communicate via email.

Is scooter rental included?

No, it is not included. You can rent it at the homestay for 60,000 IDR/day.


Surf Season

Generally, Lombok has two seasons. Wet season runs from October-April and Dry season runs from May-September. Wet season would be typically low season, as it can rain sometimes but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the surf. During this season, theoretically the wind should drop as it rains, leaving glassy waves (fingers crossed). Then again Lombok is generally dryer than Bali. Our personal favorite is the wet season as the wind is not that strong, this way more surf spots open up. Dry season is peak season in Lombok and Bali. You know, holiday times for most of us humans. Expect more people around town and in the lineup. During dry season, the Easterly trade wind starts working and they won't stop until the rain comes back. Good thing is that this season the waves tend to be more consistent. One thing we can say is that there are waves all year around, it's just a matter of different spots and looking for them. :)

The Ocean

When you're out surfing and swimming in the ocean, the water generally seems clean. Occasionally you'll see plastic bags floating, but it seems cleaner than Bali. During rainy season, some surf spots may be more polluted due to surface runoff. You should be cautious of getting wound infection from bacteria in the water. Always disinfect any injuries you have every time you're out of the water, even the smallest cut can turn bad if you're not aware. Same thing goes for ear infections. If you are prone to this, you better come prepared. Water temperature ranges from ; 26 degrees in June - September ; 29 degrees September - May Notice that June - September tend to be colder, especially with the trade winds blowing. We usually where a wetsuit top 1,5mm. Majority of the local people lack knowledge about caring for the environment. They do have the tendencies to throw plastics on beaches, simply because they are unaware of the consequences and not educated enough. A big problem throughout all of East Asia. What we are doing is sponsoring green bins around the homestay so that the local waste management team will collect them and dispose at a landfill. Plus the lovely Stephanie just graduated as an environmental engineer and is going to reorganise the whole garbage recycling system in Lombok. Fingers crossed

The People

The people in Lombok are called 'Sasak', which are predominantly Muslim. Two languages are spoken in Lombok, Sasak and Indonesian. Sasak is only spoken in Lombok island, whereas Indonesian is spoken throughout the whole country. The word 'Lombok' literally means chilli peppers. That somewhat reflects the Sasak people's fiery and straightforward personality, which you can hear especially when they speak Sasak. You might also hear the saying, ‘Small but spicy’ a lot when you’re in Kuta. They very welcoming people and often invite people to their homes where you'll always be greeted with local Lombok coffee or sweet tea. Of course, they love their food to be very spicy! They can be curious and inquisitive, so may ask questions that feels like prying, but in fact it’s just curiosity. As anywhere else in the world, learning a few basic Indonesian phrases will get you extra smiles especially when you're haggling for prices.