Woman carrying a soft top surfboard walking towards the ocean

5 Nights Package

Saturday - Thursday

5 nights stay - 4 days surf

The most economic package with all the classes to get you started on the right foot. 

​Recommended if you:

  • have a tight schedule

  • want to try out surfing

  • travel on a budget


375 €

Local female surfer in Lombok making a top turn on a wave

7 Nights Package

Saturday - Saturday

7 nights stay - 6 days surf

Our most popular deal, a worry free week packed with surf and fun. Get those shoulders paddling. 

​Recommended if you:

  • want nothing but to surf a full week

  • nose dive into the full experience

  • get to know South Lombok


475 €

Two surfers giving each other a fist bump

2 Weeks Package

Saturday - Saturday

14 nights stay - 13 days surf

Whether you just want to surf a lot, or you really want to get it right.  With 2 weeks at Kura Kura you will pick up a lot of tips and tricks.

​Recommended if you:

  • want to double up the fun

  • step up your surf game

  • submerge yourself into the waves 

880 €


Local surfer attempting a barrel at Gerupuk Outside

3 Weeks Package

Saturday - Saturday

21 nights stay - 18 days surf

Get to know Lombok, hang around and let us take you to waves. Meanwhile polish your surf skills by hanging out in the line up almost every day. 

​Recommended if you:

  • want to get those turns right

  • aspiring to be a shredder

  • enjoy a good surf holiday


1260 €

Group photo of Kura Kura Surf Camp crew and guests

Monthly Package

Saturday - Saturday

28 nights stay - 24 days surf

Here lays the true holiday, if you surf this much you will be happy to have Saturdays off. In a month, you have plenty of time to absorb all the information and put it all into practice.

​Recommended if you:

  • want to work on your surf slang

  • carve into Lombok lifestyle

  • think you can handle the crew


1550 €

Surfer carrying a surfboard overlooking the hills into the ocean

Returning Guests

10% discount

All returning guests get a 10% discount on all packages cause you deserve it.

Non-Surfer Package

Traveling with a partner who prefers to just chill out on the beach, maybe hop on the boat to watch the surf?


They get to share the accommodation with you and enjoy all the other benefits apart from surfing.


20 €/night


Joining our surf camp means that we take care of everything for you, from your accommodation, to where you surf and how you get there. 

double-bed (1).png

Private Bungalow 

One Queen Bed

Private outdoor shower

Daily Breakfast

Airport Pickup


Use of Surfboards & Gears

Surf Guiding, Tips and Tricks

Transportation to Surf Spots

Photo Analysis Session

One Yoga Class at Mana Yoga


If the surf is no good or when we have extra time on hand, we'll do something nice together and go explore!

surfer (1).png

Fun on flat days

Watch the sunset

See how it's done. Visit a shaping bay.

Mystery bat cave

Waterfalls trip

Feed the monkeys

Overview of the lush green Tanjung Aan Bay in Kuta Lombok

Small, cozy and personal

 With an average of 8 - 10 guests and occasionally in high season up, to 12 guests.

We offer the same packages to all of our guests. This includes surf guiding and picture reviews for all levels and if we have time, excursions to South Lombok's most stunning locations. Whether you are taking your very first step into surfing or you are an experienced surfer looking for more tips and tricks, all levels are welcome.

We aim to give 2 surf lessons a day, depends on the tides and swell. Excursions are after or in between surfing. 

A perfect wave breaking
A male watching the sunset while enjoying Bintang beer
Your Accommodation

We work together with Palm Green Homestay. Enjoy your stay in a private Sasak bungalow. Share it with your travel partner, or have it all to yourself.  


One queen bed

Air conditioning

Private bathroom

Safety box




Coffee & tea all day

Water refill

Scooter rental

Laundry service


 Swimming Pool


Food at our doorstep:

  • Early Bird Cafe

  • Mahogany Cafe

  • Ohana Cafe 

* if you need reliable WIFI for work, we recommend buying a local SIM card.

We felt a bit creative while capturing photos for the accommodation. While it looks like a dreamy place, it's still a local homestay, not a fancy resort.  We'll be truthful, and tell you that sometimes the water runs out, the wifi isn't the most reliable, the blankets are thin, the pillows are okay. It's just Lombok in all it's glory.  

An Indonesian guy surfing a wave on a soft top while wearing a snorkel mask in Ekas Insides
What's your surf level?

Level 1

Those with zero surf experience or only tried surfing a few times before.

Level 2 

You surfed already and you might be able to pop up. But you still have limited skill and need help catching unbroken green waves. 

Level 3

Somebody who is independent in the lineup and looking to improve basic maneuvers. You can paddle to the back in safety and most of the time catch your own unbroken waves.  

Level 4 

You probably know who you are. The more experienced surfer who is comfortable in most conditions and has surfed for at least a few years. You can generate speed and attempt some advanced moves. Some of you are most likely getting barrels and trowing big sprays of the top.

Surf Level
1 & 2 
  • Expect a mix of theoretical classes and plenty of time in the water.

  • ​Surfing manual booklet is provided in your room.

  • Theoretical class covering surfing basics . You will learn how to handle your surfboard and surfing basics. 

  • Level 1 & 2 will have their first surf on a beach break. We do start paddling for green waves on day 1.

  • Picture reviews so you can see for yourself what is happening. 

  • Before we go surf open waters there is a second theoretical class about surf etiquette and how to be safe. 

  • From day 3 onwards we will surf gentle reef breaks, practice bottom turns, and surfing down the line. 

Surf Level
3 & 4
  • Intermediate surfers and advanced surfers, start surfing on reef breaks from day 1.

  • Surfing manual booklet is provided in your room.

  • During the week, we will take pictures and have photo reviews. 

  • We will look at your technique and try to provide tips & tricks on how to improve your surfing.

  • Focus on angle take off,  generating speed, bottom turns, cut back, etc.

  • Whenever necessary, we'll also conduct duck dive or turtle roll training in the pool.

  • Saturdays are no-surf days to allow new arrivals.

  • We aim to surf two sessions a day if weather conditions permit.

  • Our place is 15 minutes walk from the town center, 3 minutes scooter ride. 

  • Scooter rentals available at our homestay for 60,000IDR / day.

  • Lunch and dinner not included.  

Weekly Surf Photos

We post weekly surf albums on our Facebook Page. 


Come on over and check out the waves we surf on a daily basis.  

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