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High Season Post-COVID

Hello from the team here at Kura Kura Surf Camp. There's been some radio-silence on our Blog page as we've been super busy. After two years of building our new accommodation on a sleepy island without guests, we are now just getting our heads above water after one of the busiest high seasons we've had on record. As some of you may know, we took the time during COVID to build a new tropical oasis for you, our guests - and the results have paid off! We are consistently greeted with the proverbial "holy sh*t, this place is nice!" by new guests and returning guests are equally impressed with the new digs. And we dig it too!

Visa on Arrival opened up around the middle of April and we've been pretty much full since about then.

Our first guests were treated to near-empty Indo perfection. The waves were calling and they were empty! Too many waves to go around, even. Now that we've consistently had guests joining us for one week, two week and even full month packages, we're back in the swing of things and remembering how much we love what we do.

Although the island is "busy" again, you are sure to still be able to catch some perfectly excellent waves with our crew and have your share of the stoke.

We've also learned two main things since we reopened:

  1. The Path Less Traveled:

We take the time to explore the island a bit more and take our guests to some hidden gems. Many surfcamps now take their guests to the same one or two spots where it's always crowded. We take the time to curate surf experiences away from the surf factory establishments and allow our guests to experience the beauty of surfing in the pristine waters of Lombok.

  1. Guest-to-Guide Ratio:

We know that fostering and developing our guests' surfing is the main reason we are here. And we believe it is our responsibility to do this in a calm, focused and personalized fashion. If our guests are in the water and there is one instructor for 5+ guests, our surfers do not have an opportunity to improve their skills. That's why we have one of the highest guide-to-guest ratios in Lombok. We also employ guides with specific knowledge of the specific waves we surf. Our staff is composed of time-tested watermen (and woman) who know these waves like the back of their hands and are ready to take you to the next level of your surfing journey.

We hope you enjoyed this read and we hope you come and share the stoke with us at Kura Kura Surf Camp.

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