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Selong Belanak

Beautiful beach with white soft sands and local food huts. The perfect spot for beginners to take their first steps. Often closeout, except on a higher tide you’ll get an occasional runner.

Ekas Outside

Can hold a lot of swell and be a heavy left hander with lot’s of water moving around. Still a quality wave on it’s days. Same like it’s little brother, better in dry season when the trade winds are up. Mid to high tides

Ekas Inside

Drive 40 minutes east to Awang harbour and catch a boat from there. The inside needs some swell to work. Long left walls for all levels and on low tide a quality right hander for slightly more advanced surfers.

Don Don

A fun A-frame in the Gerupuk bay. Needs a lot of swell to start working. When this happens the Gerupuk crowds separate over the different waves. Don Don’s has a very mellow take off, which is followed by long wall’s. Very fun wave when it’s on.

Gerupuk Outside Right

Inside’s big brother. More challenging and faster waves. It has a few peaks which will divide the crowd a little. As you can tell by the name it’s another right hander.

Gerupuk Inside

Drive into Gerupuk fishing village and take a boat out. This is one of Lombok’s most popular waves for beginners and intermediate surfers because of it’s mellow take off and long rides. This forgiving right hander is often a crowd pleaser. Sometimes a mellow left occurs.

Tanjung Aan

Very gorgeous bay with white sand beaches. On the right swell there is a good right hander in the middle of the bay, sometimes the left wall’s up to. Long paddle out or take a boat. Not great on a lower tide, it tends to get very shallow.


Very consistent spot if the wind isn’t on it. It’s right in the open and doesn’t need a lot of swell to work. The main peak has a left and a right of which the right hander is the best with some cover up options. Often some local rippers because of the easy access.

Are Guling

You will see the waves braking while driving through the hill’s. A very popular classic right hander which can provide nice barrels on lower tides. Expect some crowds when it’s on. There’s a left a bit further but this is very unpredictable and subject to heavy currents.


Swell magnet which works best from a 3ft ground swell. Provides hollow lefts and rights although on big swell’s the left is more consistent. Very shallow on lower tide. Last bit of road can be tricky.


Fast, long right-hander walls.

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