Things to do 


With consistent breaks all around South Lombok, it is the perfect place to practice your surfing with mellow waves, while still offers hollow, fast and challenging waves for the experienced surfers.

To the best of our abilities and luck, we try to take you to less crowded spots and waves that are the most suitable for your level.

Check out the gallery for more.


Rent a bike and go explore.


Drive along rice paddies and bump into water buffaloes. 


Don't miss the chance to enjoy all the panoramic views and scenic beaches.

Local Market

For those who want to buy local produce: 

Fresh fruits, spices, tobacco... 


There is a local market twice a week in Kuta.

Wednesday and Saturday morning. 

Learn a few Indo sentences, be strong in your haggling game to get the best deals.

Fish BBQ

After a long day of surf,

chill out with a Bintang. 

Watch the sunsets, 

then have the freshest fish BBQ.

Ask our crew to set it up,

no better way to end the day.


Just outside of Kuta lives a big family of beautiful, long tailed macaque monkeys by the beach.


Share some peanuts with them and they'll go bananas!

Bat Cave

Get ready to go underground.


A really big cave with thousands of bats.


If you're lucky, close encounters with python snakes. 

This hidden gem will give you an unforgettable experience.

Water Buffaloes

Get close with the gentle creatures. 


Don't be surprised if these peaceful animals block your road. 


At the bottom of the majestic Mount Rinjani lays Benang Stokel.


Two hours drive from Kuta, you'll hike through the jungle to discover five waterfalls around the area.

Festival Bau Nyale

​"To catch the sea worms"

Around February or March, this  festival unique to Sasak people happens all over Lombok.


Exciting events like Stick Fighting is a must-see.

Most importantly, sea worms emerges from the ocean, so once a year the locals can enjoy these wormy delicacy. Yum!


Mana Lombok is just a 5 minutes walk from us.


Practice yoga, get a massage or even enjoy healthy food and smoothies here.


You get one free yoga class with the package. 

Visit a Shaping Bay

If we end up in Gerupuk, we might visit a shaping bay.


Banyu is the first ever shaper in Lombok and makes beautiful strong boards. 

Sasak Wedding


You haven't experienced Lombok until you've encountered a parade like this. 


The traditional ceremony of a Sasak Wedding. 

Expect music with big speakers combined with traditional instruments, and maybe stuck in traffic behind the parade.



We will take you to the best spot to watch the sun set into the ocean or behind the mountains, depending on the time of the year.


Lombok's raw and stunning backdrop is just unforgettable.

Sasak Village


Sasak people are the natives from Lombok.


Take a trip to Sade village to learn about their culture.


You can even try out batik weaving or buy local crafts like sarongs, clay potteries and handmade rings.