Hi, welcome to Kura Kura Surf Camp.

I am Tim, founder of Kura Kura. "Kura Kura" which means turtle in Indonesian language, refers to this peaceful majestic creatures and our love for the ocean. 


I started surfing ten years ago all around Europe. Soon I wanted nothing more than to learn more about this mind blowing sport. So I quit my job and started working summertime on the surf camps in Europe, while wintertime I would escape Europe and spend my time looking for the best waves in Indonesia. 

I lost my heart here in Indonesia and every time I went back to Europe it felt like I walked away from home. At the end of 2015, I decided to stay and start doing what I love to do. Surf and share my passion with the people around me. 

Lombok, often referred to as Bali like it used to be. A beautiful island in Indonesia rich in culture and good waves. I was lucky to meet some amazing people who are helping me to make Kura Kura Surf Camp a place you'll never forget.  

A special thanks to Tarbo, our current homestay owner who collaborates with us to provide our guest with their very own private bungalows. 

Also a big thanks to our three surf guides, Ayas, Nabila and Max. Our newest recruitment, Adi, Matthew and Lisa. 


It's a small Surf Camp and thats how we like it.

More personalised and more individualistic tips and tricks. By staying a week at Kura Kura, we do hope to improve your surfing. On top of that, you will run into plenty of culture and impressions from this great island.


Thank you for visiting our site,

I hope soon we may welcome you at Kura Kura Surf Camp.

Kura Kura Team


Helper of Tim, email replier, website maker and social media poster. Surf level noob but working on it. Hope to meet and learn to surf with some of you! 

The Manager

We are stoked to have this UK charger as our general manager. He is a friendly, funny, dog cuddling surfing machine.

Surf Guide

Ayas has been with Kura Kura since the beginning. He likes left waves, motorbikes and speaks fluent german. 

Surf Guide

Max is proud of his tall Honda motorcross bike and is a good stick fighter! 

Surf Guide

Nabila is a solid surfer, funny guy and has a big on and off button. 

Surf Guide

Don't ask us where we found him but he is a perfect addition to our team. 

Surf Guide

We're proud to introduce the first Lombok female surf guide! Having this burst of sunshine in our camp is one of the best things we've ever done. 

Boat Captain

Andi and his family lives in Awang. A very good boat captain who arranges all our boat trips to Ekas.  

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