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Hi, welcome to Kura Kura Surf Camp. Here is a little bit about us, for those who like to read.  

I am Tim, the Belgian founder of Kura Kura. "Kura Kura" which means tortoise in Indonesian language, refers to these peaceful majestic creatures and our respect for their slow pace in life. 


I started surfing when I was 25 years old, moving all around Europe in a little camper van. Soon I wanted nothing more than to keep surfing and traveling. So I quit my job and started working summertime on the surf camps in Europe, while wintertime I would escape Europe and spend my time looking for the best waves in Indonesia. 

I lost my heart here in Indonesia and every time I went back to Europe it felt like I walked away from home. At the end of 2015, I decided to move here and start doing what I love to do.  


Lombok, often referred to as Bali like it used to be. A beautiful island in Indonesia rich in culture and good waves. I was lucky to meet some amazing people who are helping me to make Kura Kura Surf Camp a place you'll never forget.  


Thank you for visiting our site, hopefully, sometime we may welcome you at

Kura Kura Surf Camp.

Kura Kura Team

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Such a great place to surf and explore Lombok. Stayed for almost two weeks and improved my surfing so much. The team makes you feel part of the Kura Kura family right away.

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