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About Kura Kura

Kura Kura is more than just another surf camp. We are here to provide you with an experience of a lifetime! We often leave each other at the end of a stay as people you will remember for life. 

We want you to surf the best waves our little tropical island has to offer. We want to share an after-surf coconut with you. We want you to taste the best Indonesian coffee and eat the freshest fish in town. 

Since 2015, we've been organizing weekly surf adventures and exploring the countless waves on the island of Lombok. With amazing people from all over the world, you are sure to feel right at home. We hand-select our groups and ensure only good vibes. 

Halo, apa kabar?

I'm Tim, the founder and of Kura Kura.

"Kura Kura" means tortoise in Indonesian, referring to these peaceful majestic creatures and our respect for their slow paced in life. 


I started surfing at a young age, moving all around Europe in a little camper van. Soon I wanted nothing more than to keep surfing and traveling. So I quit my job and started working summertime on the surf camps in Europe, while wintertime I would escape Europe and spend my time looking for the best waves in Indonesia. 

I lost my heart here in Indonesia and every time I went back, it felt like I walked away from home. At the end of 2015, I decided to move here and start doing what I love to do.  

I was very fortunate to meet some amazing people on my journey who have helped make Kura Kura a place you'll never forget.

Lombok, often referred to as "Bali of the Past" is truly a magical Indonesian island rich in culture, great waves and even better vibes.


I love it here. I know you will too. 


Meet the Team

Say hello to the people who are going to make your stay memorable.



We have been so lucky to be able to do what we love here. Our gratitude for the local culture, people, animals and nature inspires us to give back and protect it.


We work hand-in-hand with many local grassroots organizations, NGO's and expat initiatives to keep Lombok clean, natural and beautiful. 

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Kuta Lombok Dogs is an association that provides sterilization program for street dogs in Kuta

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