1. Arrive on Saturday. Surfing starts on Sunday. 

2. No surf on Saturdays, a rest day for the guides. 

3. You'll stay in a private bungalow with private bathroom. With a partner? Share the room or have one each.

4. Taking one room just to put luggage is not allowed, rooms were made for human habitat. 

5. If you book 5 Nights Package now, and wish to extend 7 nights later, daily rate of 75€/night will apply. 

6. Non-surf partners are your travel partner who wish to share the room with you, but not surfing. However, breakfast, airport pickup and transportation are included for them. They can also join in to watch the surf any time they wish, including boat trips. 

Thanks for reading! 


Kura Kura Surf Camp is a rather small camp and we tend to keep it like that, this way it's more personal and we can provide more individualistic lessons.


We offer the same packages to all of our guests. This includes surf guiding for all levels and if we have time, excursions to some of Lombok's most beautiful locations. Whether you are taking your very first step into surfing or you are an experienced surfer looking for more tips and tricks, all levels are welcome.


We aim to give 2 surf lessons a day, depends on the tides and swell. The excursions are in between surfing. 


All beginners will take the first introduction on the beach. A theoretical class about the basics of surfing will be given, a surfing manual booklet is provided in your room. You will learn how to be safe in the water and how to handle your surfboard. Meantime you'll learn how to read waves and step by step move on to surfing green waves. Along the week, we will take pictures of your surfing and have at least one photo analysis session.


Joining our surf camp means that we take care of everything for you, from your accommodation, to where you surf and how you get there. 

Private Bungalow 
One Queen Bed
Outdoor Hot & Cold Shower
Airport Pickup
Use of Surfboards & Gears
Surf lessons, Guiding, Tips and Tricks
Transportation to Surf Spots
Photo Analysis Session
One Yoga Class at Mana Yoga


If we have time and the group desires, we'll take you to explore Lombok island. 

Watch the sunset
See how it's done. Visit a shaping bay.
Mystery Bat Cave
Waterfalls Trip
Visit the Monkeys



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