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Surf & Stay Packages

Whether you're about to catch your first wave, or you're a seasoned ripper, we have the right options for you. And with accommodations unlike any other in Lombok, you're going to love every second of it! 

All packages include daily surf excursions, private rooms with AC, hot water and private patio, plus access to our communal area and restaurant/bar.




5 Night Package

Saturday - Thursday
5 nights stay - 4 days surf

Our most economic package with all the classes to get you started.



3 Weeks Package

Saturday - Saturday
21 nights stay - 18 days surf

You'll know the surf breaks like the back of your hand. How's that tan treating you? 

10% off


For returning guests

Hey there!
Good to see you back.

All returning guests get a 10% discount on all packages cause you deserve it.



7 Nights Package

Saturday - Saturday
7 nights stay - 6 days surf

One worry-free week packed with surf and fun. Get those shoulders moving!




Monthly Package

Saturday - Saturday
28 nights stay - 24 days surf

You're basically a local. Surf all day, naps in hammock in between. You got time!



2 Weeks Package

Saturday - Saturday
14 nights stay - 12 days surf

When you're ready to commit and really excel, this is the one for you.

25€ / night


For non-surf partner

Traveling with a partner who prefers
to relax on the beach?

They get to share the accommodation with you and enjoy all group activities except surfing.

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What's Included

Joining Kura Kura means that we take care of everything for you. Really. Everything. Ok, maybe not everything. But, everything from accommodations to surfboards, to getting to your surf spots, boat transportation and airport pickup.

We try to surf twice a day (conditions permitting), except on Wednesdays, only one session (you'll need a bit of rest - trust us).
No guided surf on check-in and check-out days.

  • Private bungalow with en-suite bathroom 

  • Surf instruction - methods, strategies and tactics

  • Daily breakfast

  • Airport pick up 

  • Use of surfboards & gear

  • Transportation to surf spots

  • Photo analysis session

  • 1 BBQ Dinner / week (only for 7N Package on Friday)

  • 1 On-Site Indonesian Cooking Class 

  • 1 Yoga Class / week @ Mana Eco Retreat

What's not included

Make sure you got these covered for a seamless surf holiday in Lombok! For transportation that is not included we are happy to make the arrangements for you.

  • Transportation in & out of Lombok

  • Airport transfer at check out

  • Scooter rental

  • Lunch & Dinner

  • Surfboard insurance (+200,000IDR)

  • Travel and health insurance

Where you'll stay

We have sourced design inspiration from our travels around the globe to provide you with the ultimate in our subtle, yet stylish, bungalow accommodations.

With an "East meets West" design philosophy, we have worked tirelessly to offer you unique accommodations. We strived to capture the raw beauty of Indonesia,  blending it seamlessly with the subtle elegance Western resort style living provides.

Our well manicured grounds include 8 double occupancy bungalows, lush gardens, a pool area, restaurant/bar. Scroll right through the pictures below for more. 


Surf Camp - What to Expect

Kura Kura offers surf sessions everyday,  and conditions permitting we offer two daily sessions (except on Wednesdays, when we provide only one surf session for a little mid-week rest). Our instructor to surfer ratio is one of the highest on the island to ensure each of our guests receive hands-on experience to help them excel in their surfing abilities. All while maxing out the stoke. We also maintain the same guides throughout the week, so we will be able to follow along on your progress. 


We typically split into two teams: Beginners and Intermediate / Advance.  To learn more, and find out which group you best fit with, kindly refer to the FAQ below. 

A usual day with us starts with a complimentary breakfast. After groups are formed based on skill level and other factors. Our manager will then pair up local guides with respective groups and we'll be on our way!


After spending the morning hours in the warm waters of Indonesia, we then usually grab lunch as a team at the break we were surfing. Or, time allowing,  we welcome our guests back to our lovely getaway where they can order lunch at our restaurant or adventure into town for some local flavors.


Guests then have the option to regroup for an afternoon surf, conditions permitting. Guests are free to choose whether to join the second surf. No obligations.

What's your surf level?


Level 1

Zero surf experience or only tried surfing a few times before.

Level 2

You surfed already and you might be able to pop up. But you still have limited skill and need help catching unbroken waves. 

Intermediate / Advanced

Level 3

You are independent in the lineup and looking to improve basic manoeuvres. You can paddle to the back safely and most of the time catch your own unbroken waves.  

Level 4 

You are comfortable in most conditions and have surfed for at least a few years. You can generate speed and attempt some advanced moves. Some of you might even be getting barreled and throwing big sprays off the top.

Surf Camp 

Here's a general outline for our weekly schedule. Surf sessions and its timing are highly dependent on the tide conditions. Some days the Moon decides for us that it's only possible to surf one session, other days could be a full day of adventures,  or perhaps two separate sessions split between the morning and evening.

  • Check in: 2PM (notify us for early check in)

  • Check out: 12PM

  • No surf sessions

  • 2 surf sessions

  • Surf photo review

  • 2 surf sessions

  • Cooking class

  • 2 surf sessions

  • Surf photo review

  • ​1 surf session

  • Yoga class @ Mana Eco Retreat

  • Sunset + Dinner 

  • Check out for 5 Nights Package guests

  • 2 surf sessions

  • Surf photo review

  • 2 surf sessions

  • BBQ Dinner 

  • I only have a few days in Lombok, do you offer daily surf lessons / customize packages?
    Due to limited resources, we offer only our weekly all inclusive surf packages. No worries, there are plenty of other options in town. Surf camp with flexible schedules: Nalua LMBK Surf House Surf school: Heart Beach Lombok (WA: +6285338955800) Roy Reef (WA: +6281238449644)
  • Can I arrive on another day apart from Saturday?
    The camp refreshes every Saturday to keep the guest flow organised. This way, we can keep a close eye on group progress. We generally start our beginners on a theoretical class and easy surf on the first two days, so you'll miss that if arrive on a different day. We'd really appreciate if you could make the effort of arriving on a Saturday. If you're an intermediate/advanced surfer who would like to stay for longer than a week, arriving on other days might be possible, in this case send us an email to ask for availability.
  • What time should I arrive on Saturday?
    Our check-in is at noon. We do not provide instruction on arrivals day, so it's completely up to you. If you want to show up early and hang out by the pool or grab a tasty bite at our restaurant, we'd be stoked to have you!
  • How many times do we surf a day?
    Conditions permitting, we aim to surf twice a day, each session lasting around 1,5 - 2 hours. We are at the mercy of mother nature, however, so things do change. Don't worry though - we'll be sure to get you in the water.
  • How's a typical day at Kura Kura?
    Given the dynamic and ever-changing ocean conditions, we like to take things day-by-day. Every evening, our team checks the surf forecast and establish a timeline for the next day, deciding on the best spots based on tides and weather. Typically, you'll wake up to a delicious complimentary team breakfast, group up to surf, have lunch and then surf again. We try to surf twice a day, again, depends on the conditions. It's also not unusual for us to leave the camp in the morning, surf twice and come back in the afternoon.
  • We're a group of guests with different surf levels. How does this work?
    When we have different level surfers, we split into 2 teams. Beginners start on a instagram-worthy white sand beach break for at least 2 days while our intermediate surf group will start surfing the local reef breaks from day one. Normally by day three, beginners will be introduced to surfing reef breaks, but this depends on progress and ability.
  • I am a beginner, what can I expect?
    On Sunday morning, you'll have a theoretical class and tactical surf training before heading out to the beach. You'll learn about basic know-how, safety and how to handle your surfboard. Then, upon arrival at Selong Belanak Beach, you'll practice your pop-ups a few times on the sand before going in the water. You may be encouraged into waves at first by our surf guides, this helps you to get the feel of being on the wave. You'll slowly start to paddle into waves independently, read the waves and correctly position yourself. Step by step, you'll move on to surfing green waves. By day 3 or 4, you'll join the intermediate surfers on reef breaks. Before this, we'll tell you about rip currents, channels, surf etiquette and how it is different from surfing the beach break. We will take pictures on your first or second day, after surf, we will have a photo review and give you feedback on how to improve. There is also a surfing manual booklet in your room, which you may find helpful.
  • I am an intermediate, what can I expect?
    We consider intermediates as people who can take green waves on their own, are comfortable in the water and know how to handle themselves in the line up. You'll head straight to the reef breaks from day one! Don't be intimidated by the term reef breaks, Lombok waves tend to be mellow and we always try to go on a higher tide so it's much easier for you to get that perfect wave. In the line up, stay close to our guides as they will take you to the right spots. They can be shy in the beginning, so don't be afraid to ask them questions or feedback. We will take pictures of your sessions, then analyze your surfing during a photo review session. We'll give you tips and tricks on how to improve your technique. You're welcome to bring your board. If not, we have selection of surfboards that would surely suit you.
  • I am an advanced surfer, what can I expect?
    Chances are you've probably surfed for years, and love a good, challenging wave. You're looking for the best waves to surf in Lombok, now let us do the work for you and show you where they are. Often times, advanced surfers are surprised by how beneficial this "local knowledge" is. Even though you don't need help in the water, we've been surfing spots all around Lombok for years and know all the breaks so you don't have to spend hours researching where to go and looking for that secret spot you'll never find. We will take pictures throughout the week and give you valuable feedback even though you might shred harder than us.
  • Are surfboards included in the package?
    Yes! Surfboards are provided. For beginners, you'll start on a soft top, then as you advance, we may switch to a more hard top board for you. For intermediate surfers, we have a versatile surfboard collection (quiver). Don't see anything you like? No problem! We'll work with you to identify that magic board and see if we can find it in town. We'll even comp the board rental! You are welcome to bring your own board, however there will be no discount on the packages. Plus, you get to experiment with whichever board you fancy from our collection.
  • Can I have private 1-1 surf lessons during camp?
    Our core philosophy is that we learn as a team, improve as a team and shred as a team. We have found that our guests improve much quicker, have a lot more fun and learn from each other as we surf as a team.
  • What is the general age group of the guests?
    There is no average age group that we receive - it varies from week to week. Typically, though, our guest age varies from early 20's to mid 40's. Despite the varied age range, we have found that we are all on the same energy level and stoke level though. Our oldest guest was 65 and our youngest ever was 10. They both rip.
  • I'm travelling from the Gilis / Bali by boat, can you pick us up from the harbour?
    We can arrange for a pickup at a cost. Check out our Getting There page to learn more.
  • I don't need airport pickup, can I trade it for airport transfer when I leave?"
    Only airport pick up is included and non-transferrable. However, airport transfer can be easily arranged at check out with our receptionist for 125,000IDR, paid directly to the driver.
  • Do you have wifi?
    Yes we provide WiFi for all our guests within the property. You can also get a local sim card about 100,000IDR with data packages, this way you will have internet on your phone and you can connect your computer via hotspot from the phone.
  • How close are we to town?
    We are a 3 minutes scooter ride to town, 15-20 minutes if you walk. Most people rent a scooter/motorbike here because it's just so convenient. Food, bar, beach, exploring. We can hook you up with a scooter at a very reasonable price. You can even share one, if you'd like. If you've never ridden a scooter before, maybe this is your chance to give it a go! Kind of just like a faster bicycle. Or just hope there's a passenger seat available. Just remember to drive on the left.
  • Why do the cats have no tails?
    It's genetic, they're born that way. Nobody would have the time to cut all the cats tails in Kuta!
  • Pick up from Lembar or Bangsal Harbour
    Pick up from either of these harbours are not included, but we are happy to make the arrangements for you. Lembar Harbour: 350,000IDR Bangsal Harbour: 400,000IDR Both paid directly to the driver.
  • How to pay?
    Payment is done via bank transfer. We have EU, UK, US, AUS & INDO bank details, which will be sent to you once filled in the booking form. We also accept credit card payments and can send over the payment link upon requests, however do note that there will be an additional 3% service charge. If any of the methods don't work for you, we're happy to find an alternative for you. First, fill in the booking form, then we'll communicate via email.
  • What bank does Kura Kura use?
    We use Wise Borderless Account. This account gives us bank details from EU, UK, US,NZ & AUS. This should mean that if you are from these regions, you are able to make a bank transfer payment for free or at a minimum cost. For guests who are not from the 4 regions mentioned above, you are still able to make a free international transfer by using a link provided by us. Alternatively, we also offer credit card payment link. All the details will be included in the confirmation email once you fill in the booking form.
  • Are the prices shown for shared or private rooms?
    All surf packages listed on our site are for fixed, per-person pricing. Our private bungalows are equipped with one queen bed, so feel free to share it with your significant other, cousin or travel buddy. The choice is yours!
  • Any hidden fees?
    Nope. Nada. Nein. Neen. Non. Tidak. Hapana (Swahili, in case you didn't know). Your package price is all inclusive. Breakfast is also included in the price. Lunch, dinner and a variety of beverages are available for purchase at our restaurant. Additional excursions such as waterfall trips, bat caves, gym,.. are not included The additional fees for these add-ons go directly to the service provider.
  • Are there any discounts for solo travellers / couples / families?
    Sorry! We offer fixed pricing for everyone. 😊
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